About Us

Al-Nasr Medical Equipment Factory was established in 2011 The establishment of the factory began in difficult circumstances as it was passing through the country at the time of the construction of the events and the factory was built by self-effort.

Our goals

Al-Nasr Medical Equipment Factory is located in the South Port Said industrial zone. It is 2500 square meters. Al-Nasr Medical Equipment Factory is the biggest medical supplies factory in the Middle East. Where the following plant is targeted:

  • The factory reaches the highest daily production of medical supplies to reach the highest production capacity
  • The factory employs up to 500 workers and its workers. The factory is distinguished by manufacturing the No. 1 products in the markets in terms of quality and raw materials
  • It aims to export abroad and establish commercial relations with major hospitals and suppliers both inside and outside the country

Target Markets

We aim to spread at the level of Egypt and many Arab countries. And to be a global brand in medical supplies. Our mission is to reach:

  •   Local markets
  • The Arab World